Giorgio Gomelsky

MP3s from Giorgio Gomelsky’s Zu Manifestival Concert
October 8, 1978 at Entermedia, 189 Second Avenue in NYC

Recorded live by Paul Sears, Jon Sadlier found these reel to reel tapes in a box and Dave Soldier had them transferred at Dubway Studios and then mixed them such as is possible: some are damaged beyond repair. The names of the pieces and personnel are mostly decoded from scribbles on the boxes, and there must be errors in attribution. The only clearly missing tape is from Theoretical Girl, perhaps a band member borrowed it. This concert was famous, and yet Giorgio seems to have not transferred the tapes, probably waiting more than 40 years for the right recording contract (?). The original tapes and notes are now at Harvestworks, the current name for Studio Pass: this is probably the first recording from Pass, as well as a founding concert for No Wave and some experimental jazz rock including the band Material, which Giorgio told me was originally to be called American Gong. There is an entertaining critics roundtable with Robert Christgau screaming "Ramones!" and lecturing how meaningless this music is.

Zu Band (tape 1)
Taka-i-Ki (Fed 4 Thought)
Yochk'o Seffer (Neffesh Music 1st Piece)
Tak-i-Ki (Cheap Talk and Dirty Wine)
The Muffins (title unknown)
The Muffins (Dali)
The Muffins (Not Alone)
The Muffins with Neffesh Music
Blinding Headache (first piece)
Blinding Headache (second piece)
Blinding Headache (third piece)
Blinding Headache (plays Thirteen)
Blinding Headache (plays CPPO)
Blinding Headache (plays Wish it Would Rain)
Blinding Headache (seventh piece)
Blinding Headache (plays Two Guitars)
Blinding Headache (plays Just Can't Help It)
Blinding Headache (tenth piece)
Blinding Headache (eleventh piece)
Blinding Headache (encore in the Doghouse)
Jane Bliss and Pass
Fred Frith Group (Alcool)
Fred Frith Group (plays Actual Frenzy)
Zu Band (unknown tune)
Scientific Americans (We Got the Power)
Robal (Monster Stew)
Arsenal (Get Off Your Arse)
Arsenal (Parasite)
Arsenal (plays ZYK)
Arensal (plays YZX)
Fred Frith (solo Noise)
The Muffins (improv 1)
Yochk'o Seffer (sax solo)
Yochk'o Seffer (sax and tape)
Yochk'o Seffer (on piano with band)
Yochk'o Seffer (on piano with band, 2nd piece)
Yochk'o Seffer (with band, last song)
Zu Band (Tape 11, Side B)
Jim Brodey (poetry)
John Godfrey (poetry, tape problems)
Jocek (poetry)
Valery Oisteanu (poetry)
Dr. Space (computer and synth)
The Critics Roundtable featuring Robert Christgau
Dr. Space (encore and explanation)
Made in USA (first tune)
Made in USA (Reggae No.)
Made in USA (Barricade)
Made in USA (Chinese Thing)
Made in USA (We Gotta Get Out Of This Place)
Tape 19 (solo soprano sax)
Tape 19 (saxophonist reading stories)
Tape 19 (Romanian distorted solo sax)
Tape 19 (Electronics and sax)

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